Final Thoughts on Afterlife

We have now finished our afterlife sessions, unfortunately earlier than planned. However, I want to gather up and talk about all the great advice I have learned and what I will take forward will me. The first thing is to take every opportunity given to us. There is nothing you can’t learn from. The same goes for internships, which all of the speakers highly encouraged. I can get some invaluable experience which is great for future jobs. I just need to make sure I get paid. I also need to make sure I am proactive with my job hunting in the future and don’t get disheartened straight away. It could take a while to get anywhere, it’s why it’s important to jump at any opportunity. It was also advised that we be owned minded about the jobs we apply for. I really agree. Both Laura and katherine had jobs I had never heard of before. It was quite inspirational to see these jobs I had never heard of. It opens so many doors for me. A few speakers also mentioned that living somewhere that inspiring you is important so don’t be afraid to move somewhere for a job. I don’t want to move because I love where I live. I find it inspiring in its own way. Even though I am not moving, it is important to think about where I want to work. I should consider my own ethics and what or who inspires me to work. Its important to say something with our work so I preferably I would want to say something I agree or support with. Another piece of advice which I thought was great is to not box yourself in. Its better to be a jack of all trades than to be the master of none. Its more desired by employers. Another thing that is good for employers is to have personal piece in our portfolio. It shows are own passions and drives. Also that we are creative outside of work which is important for employers to know. It shows inactive and drive. Overall, I have learnt a lot and feel more knowledgable going into the world of work.

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