Dissertation Editorial: Research

On to some research, I wanted to find some editorial pieces that I find inspirational and that had some interesting formatting. I found this piece on Behance by multiple artists. This dissertation piece was written about how architectures is currently enduring a revolution between aesthetics and function and that this discord is now less concerning due to the discussions on gender, sexuality and space performances. It was actually quite difficult for me to understand the title of this dissertation, this was completely off my wave length.

The dissertation outcome however, I think is beautifully done. The outside it very structured and hard while the inside is quite experimental and airy with the muted colour story. This references the topic of architecture and gender and sex well I think. I really like how the designer thought about how this dissertation would be read and they have made it a fun experience. They use different hierarchy of type and space to make the reader drift across each page. They have also added diagrams and little illustrations to further illustrate the points being made. I love the deconstructed style of this editorial I think it works well for the topic of architecture. Each paragraph feels like a structure of type and they are building up the work. I just think this is a very well thought out piece with some interesting use of hierarchy, I would love to experiment like this in my own piece.

The above design is for a cook book which I found quite interesting. I want to create my dissertation around a cereal box and its content. This cookery book is set out really nice and has the same feel as a old science book which I enjoy. The type of layout would be a lovely idea for showing contextual illustrations in my own editorial.

Above is another dissertation editorial by a designer called Shaan Blackwood. I really liked the well thought out and meticulous design to her editorial. The illustrations she created for this project are really beautiful and fit so well with her subject. I really like the one colour colour scheme also, the colour really pops next to the black and white. I also think the outer packaging idea was really nice, this is something like I want to create. She has used bubble wrap which gives a lovely texture.

This next piece is one by Mark Brooks which is a program for a conference. I thought is was really bright and colourful, I love the use of contrasting colours to keep it fun even though the content isn’t. Again the illustrations created for this are really lovey they carry though the whole design and act as dividers. I quite like this idea its bold and the blocks work well as a ‘road’ block in the reading of this program. Another thing I quite enjoy is the way they have played with the imagery. They have coloured and cropped them to keep them fun and mysterious. Some of the unrecognisable photographs are quite beautiful.

Above are a few random pieces I found on a website but they didn’t state who by unfortunately. They all have either no colour, one colour or two. I am really liking the one colour editorials, I think they look simple but so quite elegant. Its maybe not a look I’m going for in this project but I enjoy it none the less. I also enjoy the fluid nature the spreads have. The type is really playful and airy which I enjoy. I want to be playful with my own work for the project. I want to experiment with some type formats and see what I can do.

This research was quite beneficial. I have seen some things that I might want to do in my own work like using few colours and keeping it playful. I also really enjoyed the cookery book and the way they use the illustrations to illustrate a point. I think next I want to start the making of visuals and start the designing process.

Sources Used:

(accessed 12th June 2020)

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