Dissertation Editorial: Initial Ideas

After our introduction I wanted to get my thoughts on this project on to paper. We were told that this project should be obvious or slightly cliché in relation to our topic. Since mine it about food and beverage packaging I wanted the outside to resemble food packaging. Below I draw a few ideas of how it could work.

I had an idea about using different packaging to make the front look different for instance using plastic removable sleeve or using a cardboard sleeve which could hold extra information about the dissertation. The front cover could then be made to recreate or reference a brand of food that might be stored in that way. Another way to do this could be to design the dissertation as a cereal box. The dissertation could slip inside the box and the box could be a recreation of an iconic cereal like Kelloggs or lucky charms. I had other ideas involving different packaging techniques but I thought the cereal box could be quite fun and eye catching especially if I did a recreation of the lucky charms packaging. I did some sketches of it to work out what the final outcome could look like.

For the inside I would just need to follow the branding of my chosen cereal brand and continue this style throughout. Perhaps the inside could reference the technical information you might see on the side of the box in the nutrition facts. I also thought about corresponding chapters to different cereal charms in the box. Each having their own ‘nutritional’ facts and information. Im still unsure though on how I might construct the bulk of the dissertation. Id like to do some further research to get some inspiration. I want this to look kitchy and fun but still look well done.

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