FMP: Creative Brief

After conducting some further research it was time to write my creative brief. Learning about the huge personal data breech by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, as well as the Google+ breech and Facebook manipulation, I want to focus my project on showing the benefits of anonymity online. I also want to bring awareness to the dangers that can occur from your personal data being online. I hope this will enact a change in the way some may navigate the online world.

I wrote up my first draft before having a critique with my tutor. I wanted to know if he felt it was a good project to be doing for my FMP and if he had any advise moving forward. He started off by saying it’s an interesting theme and definitely relevant for right now. Anonymity online can definitely be a wide topic so he said it was wise to break it down and focus on making people aware that anonymity is a wise practice for today online climate. My tutor asked what the target audience would be and I said people who use the internet in their day-to-day life. He pointed out that I may want to narrow it down a bit because the needs for say children’s internet safety may be different to those who are of an older generation. This was a really good point and something I needed to consider further. He also mentioned looking at what others have done on this subject. He stated that there are probably plenty of governmental sites stating these facts and that I need to find a way of making this information impactful and not boring, as many of these sites already are. My tutor lastly mentioned this quote that he thought might be helpful, it states ‘if a product is free, then you’re the product’. This was something interesting to take away and explains how facebook and other sites works quite nicely.

From this critique I wrote my creative brief which I found really beneficial to do. It allows me to think about what I want to create and where I should be going for this project. I decided to focus this project on those who may tend to overshare their life online, hopefully I can make them more aware of the online dangerous that can occur from oversharing personal data. Overall I am pretty happy with my theme and am looking forward to creating something that will hopefully benefit my target audience. I now need to carry out some further research on the topic, I’ll be looking at existing campaigns and advise for online security.

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