FMP: First Thoughts and Proposal

For my final major project I had a few ideas that I thought could be interesting and could work well for this long project. The two other project ideas that I was choosing between were rebranding the Tarka Trail near to where I live or finding new ways of exciting young people about taking a holiday to Devon. As I come from North Devon I have a lot of love for the place and I thought it would be a nice project. I didn’t feel very excited by those ideas however, this is what led me to pick my third option which is to look into anonymity online.

I have always been fascinating with anonymity in the online world. I have always tried to stay far away from profiles and personal information being online. I really try to keep my personal life off and away from the eyes of who ever may come across it. I don’t see the need for others to see what I’m doing or where I’m going. I think it’s why I’m so fascinated by people who enjoy putting their whole life online for everyone to see. It’s so far from my point of view, it’s very interesting to me.

The term anonymity online also could lead to a lot of different topics with differing opinions. For example I could look at censorship in certain countries like North Korea, and how citizens of those countries are led to use anonymous software like VPN’s in order to have a voice and speak out about the way they are living. I could also look at the dangers of doxing and safety when it comes to having your whole life online. Or perhaps I could look into people online who may use anonymous account to post offensive views or exhibit offensive behaviour. There are plenty of topics to delve into with this subject so I need to first carry out some research and have a think about what exactly I want to say with this project.

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