Criticality: Design Developments

In my last blog I decided on creating a satirical scene using images from the 50’s to question the audience about womens issues. I briefly spoke about making the scene into a comic strip which I think could be a great outcome for this project. Comic strips themselves are usually very over the top and exaggerative in nature, and are great for telling stories. They were also pretty popular in the 50’s. Heres a few examples enjoy:

The comic strip style of the 50’s were simple outline drawings printed in black and white. They show a simple scene which doesn’t last much more than a few scenes, keeping it easy to understand.

The decision I needed to make now was how am I going to create these comics. I could either take images from existing vintage media or I could draw my own comics in a similar style. I initially really wanted to use existing media because I feel it has much more of a punch. The vintage pictures I would want to use have connotations from that time period, which is what I want for the project. I could also ‘vandalise’ the existing photos which would make it more obvious of the unrealistic choices the women would be taking. Its as if the valderliser is the one making those decisions rather than the women in the comic. This vandalised look also hints to vintage horror which is something I want to allude too. Its as it this women in the comics is in a horror film just like real life situations women can be put into by men. However, I feel getting the right images to create each scene could be hard as I can only work with the limited sources I find online and in magazines that I own. On the other hand, if I drew out the comic I could have the exact scene I want. Although the downside is I’m not a very good at drawing and it wouldn’t have that same feeling that I want from using existing material. Because of this I decided to create one of each to see which works better for my concept.

Above are the scenes I created. I also made one on illustrator tracing around vintage adverts I found. I found this to be much easier as I could adapt the imagery to the scene I wanted. The look of this simple outlined comic I think looks quite striking and could work for my final piece. It still has these 50’s connotation. As for the hand drawn attempt, I didn’t like it at all. It was hard to make as I have very little drawing skills. It also didn’t look very effective or well done. The found imagery one is was even harder to create, finding each scene I wanted and trying to make each women look similar was almost impossible without some digital editing like I have done. It just doesn’t have the same effect as the first trials I created. Because of this I decided to create them using the illustrator method. It works well and I can create the exact scene I want while still having that 50’s connotation. I now want to develop the piece I have to make it more obvious of the subject while keeping it a thought provoking piece of design.

Sources Used:

(accessed 10th February 2020)

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