Criticality: Concept Ideas

From my research I have concluded that using 50’s imagery of women will be the basis of this project. This era will portray the overall feeling I want which is to focus on women issues. It will include both the overtly feminine women of the 50’s with the connotations of women being seen as objects and not real people. I now just need to work out what I want to say and how I will say it.

I did some brain storming and came up with some ideas. I first thought about using existing material found in old media and overlaying text over the top to change the original subject. The overall idea was to change some sexist scenes and graffiti them to reveal how a women of the ‘fuck politeness’ mindset might handle that situation. I made some quick examples which are above. I really like the idea, especially the first example. The vintage illustrations mixed with the green graffiti have a vintage horror look to them which can represent the feeling many women feel in situations with overtly forward men.

One thing I am trying to keep in mind for the brief is if it is critical design. Looking back at the list made by Dune & Raby, critical design should be asking questions to the audience, it should be an alternative world to the one we live in now, it could be satire or it could be something of social fiction. Taking these in to consideration I continued on the idea of changing original media and thought about making a scene which could be satirical. This scene could be a play through of a dodgy situation between and women and a stranger where she acts out of the norm for a regular person. For example when asked by a stranger if she could assist him, she replies why of course I’ll follow you through this dark alley alone to help you find your dropped car keys. Something along those lines which could be considered a social fiction and something that no-one would ever even dream of doing. Something with so many red flags that the audience is questioning her sanity. This could ultimately lead to an over the top ending for her, something like the iconic shower scene from pycho. The outcome hopefully leaving the audience questioning what they’ve just seen and questioning her thinking. As well playing on these vintage tropes of women (i.e not having a brain) could be even more jarring for an audience of today to see. I think it could lead to a lot of questions. This idea is a more satirical take on the brief and it would tick a few boxes from the critical design list. My aim with this brief is to make the audience think further about womens issues and how that particular scene might work in today society. I think this idea could do that.

I am going to take this idea forward and develop it further as I think it could be quite thought provoking for todays audience. I am thinking about using a comic strip to show the over dramatic scene. Comic strips were also pretty popular in the 50’s so it will fit the visual style. I now just need to develop the scenes and think about how I could deliver this to my target audience.

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