Criticality: Research

After working out my brief I wanted to look at some contextual research to do with my theme. As suggested I started to look at vintage adverts and media from the 50’s and 60’s, as its a time when women were often seen as object and not a thinking human being.

Above are a few famous adverts depicting some really misogynistic views. Ive seen these types of adverts countless times but they still shock me each time. The common theme of women being used as just a beautiful object is baffling to me. It’s crazy to think there was a time when this was ok. Also this message that women don’t have a brain and will fall for any man at a drop of a hat is alarming to say the least. Its quite off putting and Ive seen this theme throughout the 50’s in particular.

It does, however, show how far the western culture has come with womens issues and that is something to be thankful for. These adverts stand for something more now, and can be used as evidence for how far we have come and how far we will go in improving womens issues.

I also asked my mum to take some pictures of my vintage magazines from home and these are a selection she sent. There is a common theme of beauty that runs through out most of these magazines. The importance to look your best and be the perfect wife is the main agenda expressed in these adverts and articles. The pressure to be perfect women must have been a burden to some. I know that this is still an issue today that faces young girls in particular.

I have always be very interested in the 50’s in particular. I love the visual aesthetic of the 50’s for women, it has always been a fascination of mine and one of my favourite styles. For me the 50’s style is the omitimy of femininity. The women featured in these magazines and famous supermodels of the decade such as Jean Patchett or Dorian Leigh have such an aura of femininity that oozes out of them. The 50’s is also well know for womens rights issues and women being treated like objects to men. I feel this time period is the perfect mix of femininity and connotations of women issues to be the visual basis for this project. Hopefully the visuals will infer the topic to the audience. I now just need to work out what I will say and how I will say it through these visuals.

Sources Used:

(accessed 6th February 2020)

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