Penguin: Idea Generating

After doing my research I wanted to get some of my initial ideas down and start to think of concepts for the cover. I need the cover to express the content of the book well. I initially thought about how the book is simplifying complex topics and how I could visual this. I thought about using kids learning tools which simplify learning for example building blocks or puzzles. These both could represent the learning that goes on through the book. I also thought about using a maze to represent the journey through the book. This maze could then be filled in to show the author simplifying the knowledge of ‘nearly everything’. In my ideas critique, this same day, my tutor said he liked the idea of the maze as its different to what he’s seen. I also showed him my quick sketches for example mazes and the text maze. He said the title as the maze could be a really good focal point for the book and represents the content well. My tutor suggested playing with perception with the maze to give depth. I felt happy leaving my critique and am exciting to start putting this onto the book cover template. My only worry is this project is so short, it has to be done pretty quick.

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