Criticality: Initial Ideas

For this project I was having a little difficultly coming up with a critical idea for this project. A lot of the ideas for such projects are really out there and sometimes wacky. I knew I wanted to come up with an idea that questions the audience and plays on social norms of todays society. I had thoughts on looking at hidden dangers of society and using visual metaphors to show these. However, I didn’t feel very passionate about this. I also considered creating something with identity labels and how effective or sometimes confusing they can be in todays climate. This might have been an interesting concept but I don’t know too much about this topic and I know some can feel very passionate about their beliefs. I felt it was best for me to stay away from such a controversial topic. My last idea, however, came from listening to a much loved podcast called My Favourite Murder. It is a podcast hosted by two women who are fascinated and speak about famous murders. They have a saying which is ‘fuck politeness’ which can mean a few things but the main consensus it to look after ones own safety rather than trying to be socially polite. This saying stems from the fact that they talk about countless killing of which the majority are women victims. From their extensive knowledge into these murders, they have created this ethos in order to let women know that its ok to ‘fuck politeness’ in order to stay safe. I thought this is a really thought provoking topic which has a lot of history behind it and a lot to be said. I also feel quite passionate about it, being such a long time fan of the podcast I know the meaning behind these messages and Id like to create a thought provoking piece using the term ‘fuck politeness’ as a basis.

I had an ideas critique with one of my tutors later that day to discuss my thoughts. I spoke about what topic I wanted to do and lucky for me he listened to the podcast so understood the message exactly. He said it was a really solid topic and that there is plenty to go off from. My tutor mentioned that the ladies from My Favourite Murder have this ethos because of the research they had done. He suggested that I do some of my own research, as there is so much historic evidence, and that I could find my own conclusions to base this project on. He gave the vintage Van Heusen advert as an example which in todays society would be deemed incredibly offensive. Amoung other vintage paraphernalia, I collect vintage women’s magazines and have read through them many times so I recognise the blatant misogynistic ideologies that stems from these types of media. It would be very interesting to look into the ideologies of the 50’s and 60’s through vintage media and take those visuals to use in my outcome. Lastly my tutor mentioned that because this topic is so wide I should write my own brief so I can have something to work towards. I am excited about where this project is now going and I am looking forward to creating a critical outcome.

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