D4RL: Further Design Updates

In my last critique it was said that I needed to start creating more so thats what i’ve been doing. I started by thinking about the icon. I want the icon to say exactly what the app is, it’s helping users return to driving. I wanted to focus on the return to driving so I merged a steering wheel with an arrow to show going back. I like it I think its clean and accurate to the app. I just worried that it is boring. However I have to consider that an app icon will always be small on a smart device so it needs to be simple and easy to understand and recognise. In my critique with our mentor, he said he liked it and it looked professional. I was glad to hear this as I feel that may be my weaker point. Making more professional and refined looking outcomes is what I really want to focus on this year. The colour of the icon I wanted pink at first to symbolise that the user can’t drive yet. However after a month or year, depending on what vehicle the users drives, the icon will change to green to symbolise the go ahead to continue with the app. It could be an easy way to check if the users time is up yet before they can think about getting back behind the wheel. I like how the icon is looking, although I may try to refine it a little more before the deadline Thursday. 

I then moved on to creating the hand out. It was originally going to be just a handout card but I thought I could be a little more creative. So I thought about having the information and QR code on a bookmark. This way the bookmark could be put in diaries or books as a reminder, it could also be just used as a bookmark after its use. I was trying to think of more environmentally friendly ways to do this but still keeping it relevant. It the bookmark was made with completely recycled materials it would be a really earth friendly way of doing things. I do think the design of this could be worked on however, I don’t think it looks refined enough. I think it needs to represent the app more also. In the critique Paul said that he really liked the concept but agreed with me that I could work on the look more and bring it up to the same standard as the app. He also mentioned to think about the user journey, so how will the patients get this bookmark. This had me thinking about maybe making a case for the bookmarks so the workers at ESD have an easier way of carrying these around with them. I then thought about what one of our tutors said about how we need to create plenty for our portfolio. So Im going to try and get this box and a better looking bookmark done before the pitch, along with any other improvements. 

Finally I didn’t change the app too much. I did add more features to the help tab which I think makes it much more accessible for users with sigh problems. I also worked on a couple more pages which was requested in my critiques. I added some example pages of information that would be for drivers of a car. I made sure to include pictures to help aphasia patients understand the information. Also thinking about the user journey again and the spaces in the map I made, I created a calendar in the app which can be another way to countdown the days left until the user can return to driving. Certain days can also have specific information on them which can be unlocked on that certain day. I’m also thinking now about having pop up notifications from the app with motivational quotes and a countdown. Some patients really cant wait to get back to driving so giving them this motivation and a countdown could be uplifting through the month or year. Something else to work on. I still have a few bits to work on before Thursday so I’m going to get on and do this quick, Im trying to be better with my time management this year. Which I do think I am improving at thankfully. Im really happy with this project so far I just need to bring it up to a cleaner standard and show as much work as I can. 

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