App Developments

As suggested I started using the XD program to create my app. I found it very user friendly and really exciting to learn about. It can really push forward my design work as my work looks more proftionable. Above is the quick walk through of my app so far. This feature is super handy and I could easily show my client, mentor and tutors the user journey. 

Above is the storyboard I have so far for the app. I have tried to keep it simple and aphasia friendly. I used the appropriate colours I found from my research for colour blindness and have kept the flat graphic picture to separate each aspect. I have really tried my best to keep the design accessible for everyone. My graphics before however I felt it was a little dark so I added the subtle gradients to give the pictures more depth and add the sunny warm feeling back. I want to keep this app a positive reinforcement in a time where the user may be frustrated. Something I need to work on further is the assistance tab, I only added a couple buttons because I ran out of time before the critique. I have ideas for other buttons like a brightness setting and an extra information button these just need to be added. I included the ‘why is this information important?’ section to show the user why they need to know this information as they might still not understand. Some patients may say they’re are perfectly fine to drive but there are health risks that they might not see in themselves so it’s important to fully read this information. I added the illustrations for aphasia patients so they can understand the text better, I’m just not sure as to how clear they are. This is something I need to ask in my critique later. To further the message that this is very important I added a warning tab which will pop up before the user starts the main questions. Initially I had it in green but it wasn’t striking enough. So my tutor suggested I change it to orange which I think works a lot better and hopefully will reinforce the warning in the message. The last pages are just the start of the main piece where the user will find out the information. This will be personalised to them through questions and answers as to not overwhelm the user with all the information, which may not be relevant to them. Next steps for me I think will be to continue on the app and add an example path of information, I also want to start creating the hand out information for the app. 

In my critique and client meeting, which I had the same day, I had some really helpful feedback. Firstly in my client meeting she said she was really happy with the way the app was going she thought it was clear and concise. The only thing she asked for was more app pages. So this is what I will do. In my group critique my tutors said my work was looking good and relevant to the subject. They enjoyed the moving scenes at the start and thought it worked well with the app. My tutor also said he wanted to see more app pages. He also mentioned the app icon which I hadn’t even thought about yet so this will be on my list to do next. I asked about the cloud illustrations and my peers said they were clear and friendly so I felt quite relived about that. I feel as though from my critiques I just need to make more. My tutor said I should be thinking about my portfolio at the end of the year so I should strive for more work. So moving forward I will I need to make more, on the list are an app icon and the hand out. I also want to work on the first four slides as Im not too happy about the way the text sits so I will see what I can do. 

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