D4RL: The User Journey

Today we had a lesson with Wendy on the user journey, I guessed it would be about the users journey through the product which I was partly right on. Before though we were asked to create a user persona, so an example user that we could make up. Mine was called Katherine and she is a stroke survivor who suffers with aphasia. Katherine wants to get back into driving as soon as possible because she works as a taxi driver. However she does have a supportive partner who can financial support her. Wendy said it was important for us to create this so we can then create a personal user journey for our persona. It also can allow us to see what our user will need and what would make a great experience for them. This then might bring up aspects of the design we may not have thought about. For example is there something I could include in the app for the users who have to wait in order to return to driving. This would include everyone, some may have to wait longer than others though. Perhaps a calendar in the app as a countdown or maybe reminders of how long left you have to go with motivational quotes. Just some ideas which I could think about further. I may not of thought of this without creating the user journey so I see why it was so important to think about. The map really helps to see gaps in the designing process that I could create in order for the user to have a better experience. I think the place I am lacking is that space where the user will have to wait in order to drive again. I could come up with some creative ways to help the user on their journey back to driving. I think it was a very interesting lesson and I will do this process with each project yet to come.

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