D4RL: Mentor Meeting

Today we had our second mentor meeting in which we discussed our concepts and ideas. I was pretty set on my concept of creating an app after talking to the client yesterday, who seemed very excited about the idea. So this is what I pitched to Paul and he really liked the idea. He said that its super important nowadays to reinforce the use of tech with elders. As it may not be as easy for them to leave the house but they still need to be able to access information and support, so creating an app would be great to reinforce this. As well because of the audience being of some elders and aphasia patients i need to focus on making the app clean and minimal. Paul said it should be super user friendly as well, he asked if i had considered extra help for the user. Such as enlarged type or audio services. I hadn’t thought of this but it could be really beneficial for individual users. He said I could do some research into other ways of making information easier to read and digest. I think this would be a brilliant idea and something I will research after this. One thing Paul said to us was to try and think creatively in our outcomes. It may not be appropriate for the clients budget but having a practice solution with a more creative solution might excite the client. It also would be good to reflect our creativity for our portfolios which is something we have to really consider this year. Lastly Paul said that we should start creating mock ups to visually see what our concepts will look like. He said for an app especially it is important to think of the user journey, this could be a storyboard that I make before hand. 

I felt really happy with our meeting with Paul, he is very helpful and interested in our work. He pushes us to think creatively and helps our ideas to progress. As well his experience in the industry is amazing, he gives us lots of insight which we really appreciate. Above are pictures I took of the small handout portfolio he gave us as a gift which I thought was really nice. His work its beautiful and its inspirational to me that one day I hopefully will have my own polished, beautiful portfolio. Moving forward I want to do some research into extra help I could give on the app and I need to start storyboarding the user journey. 

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