D4RL: Design Updates

To start off I wanted to create a mood-board, which has an idea of where I want to go with this project. That includes a white, light blue, dark green and orange colour scheme, which from my research should be distinguishable from each other. The accent colour will be orange so I can make certain important aspects stand out. My mood-board also includes some sans serif typefaces that I thought were appropriate for this brief. I want to use one because it is easier for the eyes to read especially if it has a larger weight and in an opposing colour to the background. This is my plan for the type as I want to make it as user friendly and aphasia friendly as possible. The images are in reference to block colour landscapes which I would like to include in my visuals. The block colour will make each shape stand out and hopefully the simplistic nature will be easier for aphasia patients to understand. 

When storyboarding for the app I thought of having a car which is still and then have a background move behind it, to look as though it is moving. It will be a basic animation so shouldn’t be too much for users with eye problems. It will also be a good way of visually showing the user what the app is about while taking them on a journey. The basis of having the app was so that I could include all the information. There is a lot of information and to keep it aphasia friendly it would need to be spaced out. Therefore i’m creating an app which has unlimited pages. To keep the information even more relevant to the individual user I will have question pages. For example one that asks what you drive because there are different answers for different vehicles. It would be irrelevant for someone who only drives a car to know the information about bus drivers. I think this way it would make it so much more user friendly. Lastly our client wanted us to make it clear in our outcome that this is a law issue and that you can be fined if you do not tell the DVLA of a medical condition. I thought about having this as a pop up in orange, the orange should make it stand out and the warning should hopefully make the user understand the serious issue. 

I wanted to create a quick mock up of the landscape to get a feel of the visual identity. I like the simplistic style and I think it would be easy for patients to understand. I now just need to start making the app. In a critique my tutor said I should use this new program by Adobe called XD which is for creating apps on. So after this I’m going to get to grips with this new program and start the making. Im feeling good about this project as I have a clear way forward and I know what I should be doing to make the outcome accessible for almost everyone. 

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