D4RL: First Client Meeting

We had our first meeting with our client today and it was much needed. She gave us lots of helpful advice and clarification. We started off by asking how the outcome will be handed out to patients. Surprisingly to us she didn’t actually work in a doctors surgery, they actually visit the patients home. So if a leaflet was created it would need to be carried around with the consultants. She said that she usually uses app’s instead when working with patients as its easy to take with her and the patients can download and use them once she has gone. I was quite happy to hear this, the app idea I had would work well with their already established methods. Our client did want to say that what they are is a community based clinic and they are trying to stay away from the clinical hospital feeling. They want to have a friendly personable feel which I will need to keep in mind. Picking warmer softer colours will help and cutting out the hospital type imagergery. One of my peers asked how many people do return to driving and she said out of the 900,000 people they work with a year about 80% do. I thought this was really high and quite surprising. One of the questions I really wanted to ask was if we needed to include alternatives if the patients isn’t able to drive. She said that it would be a really good idea too. I will need to do some further research into this then and make sure to include it. Our client said that it was really important to get across the point that this is a legal issue and if you fail to report an issue you can be fined. This will definitely need to be highlighted in my outcome. Lastly I said that I wanted to focus on being aphasia friendly and she said that would be really great. She mentioned that aphasia effects most patients she sees so its super important to accessible for them. 

Overall I felt the meeting went really well, it was good to finally have some answers to our questions. I feel really confident going forward now with the app idea, especially as she says she uses them with patients all the time thats great. I just need to keep in mind that this need to be friendly looking rather than from the NHS. We have our mentor meeting after this so I will see what feedback he has for me on my idea. 

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