D4RL: Initial Ideas

Initially I started out thinking a video would be a good idea for the brief. I can display all the information easily to some with aphasia and it was one thing that the client suggested. However creating videos is not my strong suit so I decided against it. It was suggested to me that I could just make the storyboard for the video and I did think about this for a bit. After my mentor meeting though he suggested doing a really good leaflet and being comfortable with what Im creating instead. So this is where my ideas started with a leaflet design. This was also asked for by the client so I knew it was wanted. However after brain storming some ideas for the leaflet I did feel that it would be very hard to fit all the vital information onto one leaflet. So taking inspiration from the previous research I did I feel that a website or app would be the best way forward. I could then have unlimited space to format the information in a way people with aphasia could understand which is one of my goals. The website or app could then walk the patient through all the vital information and have links to their specific outcomes and needs. I could create a leaflet along side this with a link to the resources and a how to, this could then be given out by the nurses at the ESD office. We finally have the client meeting tomorrow so I’m looking forward to telling her my ideas and asking some questions. 

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