D4RL: Returning to driving after a stroke

After looking into the brief I wanted to do some further research and get my head around the process of returning to driving after a stroke. Looking at just the brief alone it seems quite confusing and there is a lot to know. I will have my work cut out trying to put all this information together and in an easy to understand way. Here is the main information that I have found out about returning to driving.

If you drive a car or motorcycle you are not allowed to drive for at least one month after a stroke and do not have to tell the DVLA. After a month you may start driving again if your doctor is happy with your recovery. However if your doctor is not happy you can surrender your license or inform the DVLA who will make their own decision. This can be reattained in the future if your health gets better. However you must notify the DVLA if any issues with your health declines. Large vehicle and public service vehicle drivers must inform the DVLA immediately after having a stroke. You can resume driving 1 year later as long as your health is approved by your doctor. To contact the DVLA you can fill in the forms on the government website. After filling in the forms they may ask for more information about your situations including speaking to your doctor or having a driving assessment. Once the DVLA has received your information they may make one of the following decisions; you may be able to keep your license, you may be issued a fixed licence for 1, 2, 3 or 5 years after each you may be medically reviewed, you may be issued your license which requires you to have adaptations to your car or you may be declined your licence. To find out about adaptations vmdas.co.uk is the relevant website. If you do not inform the DVLA you could face a charge of £1000 and if you have an accident you could be prosecuted. You need to inform your insurance company of your stroke before you start driving again. Your insurance company may ask you to inform the DVLA of your health condition.

This is the most important information I found about returning to driving. I found it quite confusing to research but I think I have it down. I will speak to the rest of my group about this and see if they are on the same page just to be sure. While doing this I did think of a few questions I will need to ask the client for example I am not sure how in-depth she wants to go about this exactly. I will need to ask her if she wants to include the certain adaptations you can have to your car and also if she wants to include alternatives transportation if the driver is denied their licence. Overall I’m feeling much more comfortable with the topic so I’m looking forward to the ideas stage.

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