D4RL: Design for Real Life

This is my first blog back this year and starting fresh with a new project. Our first brief this year is called Design for Real Life. It’s another client based project which involves those who might not consider the impact of good design on their campaigns, which is where we will come in. In this brief we will need to combine health with design in order to create a precise, informative and accessible outcome for our clients.

I picked the project named ‘Returning to driving after a stroke’. Well I actually didn’t really pick it, I wanted to have a challenge with this project and so I didn’t pick any that I fancied. I waited till the end and chose the last available project. As our tutor said we most likely won’t be able to pick our projects when working for companies in the future, so I thought this would be good practice. For the brief the client is asking for is a short video or leaflet that will provide clear information to stroke patients around the process for returning to driving after a stroke. After initially reading the brief I found it very restricting and simple. We spoke to our tutor about this and she said that this is just the jumping off point. It is our job as designers to persuade or show the clients of new and exciting yet still appropriate ways of conveying the information. While is says to only make a video or leaflets we should create more and push ourselves to impress the client. This is something I will need to keep in mind and be initiative about. Something else that is highlighted in the brief is that we need to be aphasia friendly. Aphasia ‘is an impairment of language, affecting the production or comprehension of speech and the ability to read or write.’ I need to work around this and try to keep written things to a minimum which means I may need to create a video. This is quite nerve racking to me as its not my strong suit but at this time seems the best option. Following on from this I will start my research and see where things take me. We have a meeting with the client next Thursday so we can chat about the things she wants.

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