Persuasion – 3 Concepts

Today I was coming up with my 3 different concepts. I thought about different approaches I could take for instance emotive, light hearted or glamorous. For a more emotive side I could just advertise the damage we are doing to the world. Using powerful strong imagery in the campaign to make the audience think. Perhaps creating obstacles for the audience to get in there way, like leaving a huge pile of clothes in the middle of the high street. Showing how much we waste a year. Hopefully it would obstruct walkers by and they might think about whats going on. It would be interesting to see but I don’t think its targeting my audience to the best of my abilities. I also think a lot of people wouldn’t really take any notice. My audience of 18 to 25 years old and want ease and to do something they could benefit from. I don’t know anyone my age actively given to charities or helping causes as they are too busy with their own lives. I know I’m guilty of this as well however so its why I want to change this mindset and make it fun. Its not my favourite of the concepts but it will be interesting to see what my peers have to say tomorrow.

My second concept is better I think, it still has a serious tone but more light hearted. It would play of the make do and mend era of WW2 and have this sense of community. As if we are all working together to make the world healthier. The campaign could use posters around uni’s, shops and pubs to advise donation spots and up-cycle. There also could be a social media to get the word out and show where your nearest drop off site is and where you can buy sustainable clothing. Class’s could be held for basic sewing lessons and up-cycle workshops. Making it an interactive fun experience.

Lastly is my idea from the critique which was to create a boutique in universities. Its more of a glamorous approach and less interactive. The shop would work as an exchange shop and as you bring things in you would get store credit. It would act more of an accessible shop for student to donate and buy from. For this concept social media would also be a good thing to make to advertise restyled outfits and repost students using certain hashtags. Because its a modern audience social media is more appropriate. An app could be created too to keep track of your in-store credit and tips on how to get the most out of your clothes. I feel this is the best option for my audience as its not asking much from them but to do what they already like and do it without spending any money. Its exciting to think about the possibilities of this project and I’m looking forward to creating some visuals. I will see how my critiques goes tomorrow and then start with designing.

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