Persuasion – Ideas Critique

Today we had our ideas critique for this small environmental project. I told the group about my ideas and that I wanted to create a campaign on combatting fast fashion. They though it was an interesting take and thought it could stem into something great which was good to hear. My tutor asked what my target audience was, I said 18-30 year olds. They have disposable income and are the main target audience for fast fashion brands so I want to impact them. He suggested I create an example of someone I want to target by using people around me to base this on. So the girl I created is a 21 year old uni student who goes out every weekend and loves her clothes. She is constantly wanting the new things and can’t wear the same dress twice. She’s also unaware of the damage she is doing to the environment. It’s important that I show her different ways of expressing her style without causing so much waste. My peers then asked how I’m going to target her. Where does she go? and what could I do to interest her? She is a uni student so would be there almost everyday. Perhaps having a second hand boutique or swap shop inside uni could entice her to new clothes and once she is in, we can use an incentive to stay and shop. I think this would be a great way to get her involved with exiting new clothes and then letting her know the issues of fast fashion. My tutor asked us to create 3 concepts by Thursdays critique. Then they can help me pick the strongest one and give me some feedback. I felt this session was really helpful and its given me a way forward. I think because I’m passionate about the subject I’m very excited to create something great. Its just a shame this project is so short. Next I’ll be thinking of two other concepts for my campaign.

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