Persuasion – Creative Brief

Today we had a presentation from a guest tutor on Creative Briefs. I didn’t really know what was meant by this at first. I thought it may be on how to create our own brief, which I was partly correct on. A creative brief is a set of guidelines created by the client to ensure a correct outcome. It forms boundaries within which the creative process will occur but is not a project plan. It is also there for the client and designer to communicate and agree appropriate ways in which to complete the project succesfully. Below are some of the things the designer will have to consider for the brief.

The client – What is the clients brand theme? What is their budget? Whats the timescale? The designer will need to consider what the client wants, needs and asks for, these could be different outcomes so being able to work out what is best for the client is important.

The Product – What is the product? How and who is manufacturing it? Do they need accompanying ephemera? Think about innovating what is already out there.

Audience – Where do they live? What are their interests? Are they sustainable? What is their budget?

Designer- Things for the designer to consider when working with a brand. What is their brand/tone? Could it damage their reputation? Does it align with their ethics? Is the project profitable?

I usually think about the audience when designing for a brief but there are so many more factors I should consider. This especially will help me when I have live briefs and when I’m in a working environment. After we were given a small group project to come up with a creative brief but were given the brand, product and target audience. It was a little difficult at first because the topics were an odd fit but evenly we did come up with a realistic brief. Our angle for this brief was to take it in an uplifting route. Carling’s branding is about being British made and knowing your routes. So we thought about them supporting recently realised convicts which wouldn’t be off brand for them. They have done charity work before for low income ares so it fits well with their motive. The running shoes are what are given to the newly released convicts along with a job at Carling or the running shoe manufacture. This would hopefully help in the rehabilitation of the convicts and could set them on a good path forward. We thought this worked out quite nicely and would be realistic for the brand.

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