Persuasion – Six Frames

Today in our presentation we were taught de Bono’s Six Frames for processing information. I was quite looking forward to this as I always second guess myself when doing research. I never know whether I’m analysing the media correctly or enough, so I know this will be integral for my learning going forward. Below are the meanings and after i’d like to put it to practice with a new campaign poster I found.

Triangle = What is the purpose? Media will usually use suggestive imagery. What is it? Why is it there? Where has this come from?

Circle = How Accurate is the piece? Always question the facts. Is it from a reliable source?

Square = Whats the Point of View? There will always be a bias. It’s important to understand who has created the piece and who it is aimed at.

Heart = Why am I Interested in the piece? Do I have a personal connection to it? How does it make me feel?

Diamond = Does it bring Value to my research? Don’t pick the first bit of research I come across. Can I learn from this piece?

Rectangle = How do I feel about the overall Outcome? What are my conclusions after analysing?

This is a campaign poster by ‘Eco-label brand Rapanui’, they have recently shown their support for the Environmental Justice Foundation’s Save the Bees campaign. Being produced by two environmental groups the bias would be towards saving nature and the bees. Doing some research however I found from that indeed old pesticides and new ones still carry a role in their decline. I also found this same information across a number of scientific sites, so would believe it to be accurate. The point of the campaign is to show farmers, and others who may use it, the effects of harmful pesticides on bees and how they are dying because of it. I’m interested in this piece because I haven’t seen many campaign media for the save the bees initiative which I know is a huge important issue. I chose this specific poster because of the jarring image of the bee in gas mask which makes me think of ww2 and concentration camps. Reminding me of the use of gas to kill and weaken innocent people because of this I find the poster quite visceral and upsetting. It defiantly had an emotional effect on me. This emotional effect makes me want to look further into the issue, I now am more concerned about the bees. This shows that a striking upsetting piece can enact change on the viewer, which is something I may have to consider when creating my campaign. Depending on my subject I may have to make an emotional piece for it to be a successful impactful campaign. Overall I feel its a good campaign piece it defiantly left an effect on me and I have learnt from it too. Using the six frames process really helped to get a better sense of the poster and for me to think deeper about it. Im very glad we had this presentation and I’ll defiantly use it in my upcoming research.

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