Persuasion – Whats the story?

In todays lesson we had a presentation from our tutors about campaigns from their eras. From 1977-1982 our tutors were in university where many campaigns stemmed from. At this time there was so much anger towards the government and students felt they should have a say in important world issues. This included campaigns against Margret Thatcher and the devastating changes she was making to a huge groups of people. Along with the aids crisis and Greenpeace there was a lot to be talked about and people were standing up. Much of the way protesters showed there issues were through posters and physical advertisement as computers were only just coming into existence in the 80’s so weren’t household items yet. Other ways of communication used during this time were pins which could be worn and distributed to lots of people hopefully spreading the message. Graffiti was also a big part of expressing your opinion. It was more of an aggressive, assertive approach that would leave the streets covered in art that many couldn’t avoid. Nowadays we have so many more ways to convey our message with the emergence of computer and the internet a message could be shared across the world instantly and by anyone. It’s quite exciting to see the changes and how far we have come in a short time.

After our presentation we were tasked to define what stories define our era and which ones are relevant to me. After having a brainstorm I think some of the defining campaigns of my era would be Brexit, the immigration issue and the me too movement. The me too movement is defiantly one that sticks with me. Being a young female I know the issues of unwanted attention from men and inappropriate behaviour, so it’s one that I feel strongly about and have supported since its creation in October 2017. It spread virally ‘as a hashtag on social media in an attempt to demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment’. It is there to show everyone these issues that not many talk about in a hope for change. I think it did defiantly help the issue bringing more light to the subject by educating men and women. It also helped to expose hollywoods talent industry and the sexual abuse tries to cover up. I think it’s an important issue and has me thinking about what campaign I might create for this project. This subject has been done a lot so i’d like to do something else i’m passionate about. This will be my next task.

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