Persuasion – Participation

After our presentation yesterday we were given a small group task to research campaigns within our given category. Ours was participation, we then split into two groups and looked for good campaigns. One I immediately thought of was This Girl Can from a couple years ago, I remember it being advertised on the TV constantly. ‘This Girl Can celebrates active women who are doing their thing no matter how they do it, how they look or even how sweaty they get.’ Their message is that ‘women come in all shapes and sizes with all abilities and from all backgrounds. Some of us are expert sportswomen, some of us are a bit rubbish. It doesn’t matter. We’re just happy that you’re getting active.’ The campaign is basically there to encourage, support and help women who are getting active and/or want to. Funded by The National Lottery it was a huge campaign in 2015 and is still going on today. They say that they have ‘successfully persuaded nearly three million women to get more active’. Which if true is pretty good although its not a define number and I feel it is probably exaggerated to help further the cause. On their website they have lots of stories of successful women who have benefited from this campaign, most are from underrepresented women. They portray themselves as a very inclusive project, even thought they exclude men.

This Girl Can doesn’t have a huge amount of persuasive media, apart from their video and some internet banners. The majority of their interaction is social media based. They have a large internet presence and focus on reposting, liking and commenting on pictures and videos of women working out. Its a good way to get the campaign out there especially when women tag This Girl Can in their workout posts which then gives them further exposure. Their social media basically revolves around being reposted and tagged to engage with women. I think its a good way to enlarge the campaign but to actually help the cause I’m not sure. At the beginning I thought this was a good campaign but further looking into it I find it to have an exclusive message (for men) and not having a huge reach.

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