Penguin – Book Cover Research

Here are some book covers I like. The ones just below I enjoy for their simplistic nature. I find it clever the ways you can say so much with a subtle design. I love the Against Happiness book, designed by Rodrigo Corral, the yellow has such a punch and would defiantly stand out on a book shelf. It also has that use of communicating happiness which is one of the main subjects of the book. Combining that with the arched text its immediately recognisable as a sad face without the need for eyes. Its a clever way of incorporating text to seamlessly fit the imagery. I really enjoy it and its something I aim to do with my own project. I want to get to this level of professionalism in my own work. The second book I have here is Witches of America designed by Rachel Willey. I love the modern feel she takes to this quite old subject. It really fits the book subject of a modern journalist delving into the occult. The lack of colour follows the tone of the book and the contrasting gold ring I feel pays homage to the real witches of American, unlike the ones you might see in the movies. With the striking image of the dying crow it feels very ominous just like the book itself. I think its a really good representation of the writing inside. This level of insight is so important for creating a successful book cover. Its really inspiring to see such a clever yet subtle design.

This cover is part of an exhibition called Futureproof, and designed by Frank Chimero. The back cover works really well with the front, the colours and imagery bring it together. I enjoy how the text almost mirrors the imagery like a reflection on a river, its doesn’t feel out of place but at peace. The use of two colours to separate paragraphs is a good way to show importance and lead the reader around the page in the way you intended. I enjoy the smaller typeface, it looks better from further back and lets the text become one, I may use a point size similar to this in my own work. Something I did notice was the rag which could have been a little neater but aside from that I think it works quite well as a hole.

I picked this back cover last to look at. It took a minute to source the front and was surprised to find it was from a 1967 copy of Molecular and Cell Biology. I unfortunately couldn’t find the designer of the cover. I loved it because its solely type based and quite basic. However the layout feels very modern for its time. The vertical type leading to the creators has a nice flow and is different to a lot of what I researched. This invisible line between authors and there disciplines is what I find quite interesting. I’d like to use something like this in my own cover. Perhaps to separate the quotes from sources. Its different and I like that about it. After doing this research I feel much more inspired and ready to start on my first iteration of my book cover.

Sources Used:

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