Penguin – Idea Generating

I started creating some visual metaphors today and seeing where I could go with this book cover. As the book is told by Toru I though about having him as the main piece and integrating some of the themes I had taken from the book. For instance lonely, loss and this disconnect from others. Using his silhouette was something I wanted to work with, then dispersing his head to show his disconnect and the way he is torn between two women. I like this idea but I think I wanted something different. I did do a few wood inspired sketches which I did like but thought were too simple and maybe a little overdone. I did however keep going back to this disconnected idea and thought about having Toru’s head floating above him. Being up in the air disconnected from the situation. Like a balloon, his head still attached but not quite working correctly. I went forth with idea as I felt it was different maybe quite jarring to some people. It will hopefully grab some attention which is what I want from my outcome.

After this I started on what will be my first iteration of my book cover. Firstly I wanted to think about colour as I think its quite important to a piece of work. ‘90% of snap judgements are made on colour’, it can also really show emotion without being so direct about the subject. So using colour theory I chose pinks and purples for my book cover. Pink because it stands for compassion, love, immaturity and to admire. Its also used to fascinate which i’d like to have in my own cover. I chose purple to go with the pink because it stands for spirituality, compassion, sensitivity and mystery. Both colours I feel link to the themes of Norwegian Wood, for example the sensitivity of mental health and sexual exploration as a young adult.

After this I felt I was ready to thumbnail some cover ideas. I wanted to keep it quite simple and impactful. Although after doing a couple iterations I wanted to do a little more research before I continued. I don’t feel like I am informed enough on the book cover art and how layouts should traditionally work on books. So now I will be doing some more research into other books designs including back covers which I’m yet to properly look at.

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