On Display – Getting back on track

Im going to be finishing my on display project over the holidays and get it out out the way. I left off with some logo ideas and typefaces. Looking back now I really don’t like the deigns I did previously. I think they’re basic and not very clever. My audience is going to be well educated on the topic so a sophisticated clever logo would be more relevant. I need to create a different visual identity one more suited. I also then would need to move on to deliverables. Im a little nervous to be getting back into the project, I feel I have forgotten the brief so I will also go over that again to make sure I am set for this project.

So I’ll be starting off with the new logo. Below are some new ideas, I’m trying to think more in-depth about the project. So one idea was including an eye to signify the all seeing eye and the knowledge we can gain from it. In this project it would be the origins of the zodiac signs and relating back to the dates of its discovery which developed over 3,200-500 BC. The eye would have 12 dots as eyelashes to signify the 12 zodiac signs. I think I will go with the more organic looking one which would better fit with the natural nature of the zodiac. It’s not man made and constructed its an incredible piece of our galaxy.

I think next I need to look back at the brief to see exactly what I need to do.

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