Penguin – Briefing

Today we were given our brief for our penguin project. I was quite looking forward to this brief as I haven’t created a book cover in a while and the fact it is a contest is quite exciting. Its hopefully going to push me a little further in wanting to create something different and exciting. The brief in essence is to create a new cover for the 3 book options we were given. Those were; Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, The Establishment by Owen Jones and Wonder by R.j. Palacio. Initially I was drawn to Norwegian Wood as a friend had suggested I read it not long ago. He said it was odd and a fascinating read that I would enjoy. So I took his advise and decided to explore Norwegian Wood.

Its important that I first of all read this book and get a good in-depth essence of the book and what the author was expressing. Other things I need to keep in mind for this project are creating a fresh perspective for this book. Designing a cover for a new generation is important to entice a younger audience and new readers. Most of what I need to keep in mind is just part of my graphic practice for instance using a legible typeface, having a cohesive theme and correctly incorporating all the essentials like barcodes etc. For creating a book specifically though I need to truly expressing what the book is about without giving way to much information. I need to get that balance just right as to leave the reader imaging. Im really excited to get started though and see where this book leads. Next I will be carrying out a little research to see what already existing covers are out there of Norwegian Wood and see what I can do differently.

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