Pyschogeography – Derliverables

Today I wanted to start thinking about how I could illustrate my stories. My outcome needs to be almost like a storyboard that shows each story from each abandoned item in the woods. I was thinking of creating the scenes with a continuous line drawing as it has the essence of being a linear subject. I also want to have this sense of childlike wonder, I thought of making a mobile with each story suspended in the air. Hanging from above the audience’s head to symbolise how all the stories were in my head and imagined. The lack of being grounded would help to create a fantasy feel. Some other ideas I thought about doing was illustrations of the imagined scenes over photographs. The issue with this is I don’t have any photos and can’t take any. It would have been a nice idea to have a set of them, although I want a more childlike story book presence to show where those memories came from. A pop up book could work or a flip book but I want to do something different for this project and explore a different way of working than my usual.

Mid way through the morning I had my one to one critique which I found quite helpful and motivated me to keep the pace up. My tutor said he really likes my idea and that there is plenty ways I could go from it. He also said that now I need to just figure out where I want to go with visualising it. I told him some of my ideas for instance to have the stories keep linear and together to give a map of the woods which he found interesting. He then suggested creating a 3D model and pin pointing each place of significance. I think this idea could be a good one to explore further and something I haven’t yet done. So after the critique this is what I did.

I was thinking of ways I could create a 3D scene and I thought about shadow boxes and zoetrope’s. Those antique ‘animation devices that produce the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of pictures’. Its reminiscent of my childhood, I know when I was young seeing one in school and it seeming so magical. I liked this idea of having a 3D model created with shadows, the shadows to symbolise how engulfing the woods were. I could spend hours in there and not realise the time. So from this I wanted to look into some shadow art, something I’d also done as a kid and remembering it to be so fun and imaginative. Next I’m going to try and get as much shadow art research done before my critique Tuesday.

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