Psychogeography – Shadow Art

Above are some of the pieces that stood out to me while doing my research. One by Kumi Yamashita is a series of faces created using squares of paper made to look like the profile of some ambiguous people. Its a simplistic piece and because of this leaves lots up to the audience’s imagination. I thought her piece could be saying that we may be different colours but we’re all human on the inside. That could be a little simple and I think there is more behind it. It also feels very temporary to me, the paper looking as if it may slip of the walls at any time and her work would be gone. Using shadow in work can be difficult and your results all depend on light. Having something thats changes through out the day could use natural light but for a fixed outcome like this static light would be best. Unless her purpose was to let the faces come in and out of focus with the movement of the sun. It gives me lots to think about when it comes to my own outcome.

Another piece I enjoyed was Rashard Alakbavor, a scenic shadow display using lights and colour to create this bright place. The glass he collected was from the landscape, creating an image of this beach with parts of it. Bringing this landscape to an art gallery confines it and captures the beauty of the beach scene without being there. The hanging glass also feels very childlike to me, much like a mobile for children. Its there to amuse and incite wonder just like this exhibit does. This is something I want to bring to my own work, bringing the essence of the the woods through my eyes. I think that by creating a 3D piece shadow outcome I can play on that childlike innocence connected to my theme. Just like Alakbavor’s mobile hanging it incites this childlike wonder about it.

Before my one to one next week I wanted to start on experimenting with how I could incorporate the shadow. I drew a scene from Fremington woods which would be the base and then cut out things that would be part of my stories from a child. Suspending them from behind and shinning a light through, I could get this sense of something thats not really there. I like the way that its looks so far and I feel I could get quite a bit of detail with this thickness of paper. However I want to try on some thinner paper to see the different results. I’ll need to continue this after my critique and see where things go from there.

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