Psychogeography – Childhood Stories

From the critique I had yesterday I know I needed to documentation the stories I had made up when I was a kid. I tried thinking of the things in the woods that I remember being abandoned and what memories I had from them. The first thing that came to mind was an abandoned car which as a kid I thought may have been left there in a Bonnie and Clyde sort of getaway, ditched in the middle of the woods perish. It could be a good story to work with, I could continue the story out within the scene. Showing how the environment has adapted around this story I’m telling. Another story that I remember quite vividly was because of an abandoned wooden bed looking thing. I always thought it was Slenderman’s bed. Slenderman being an internet urban legend, a creepy pasta, in which a tall ambiguous man would hide in the woods and take children. Although as a kid I was more excited to see Slenderman and perhaps meet him than actually being scared. I could illustrate something from my younger selfs imagination as a story book, to illustrate my childlike thoughts which all came from the environment from me. Perhaps linking all the memories together creating a map of this story. There are so many avenues I could go down with this idea, I just need to find the perfect one to illustrate what I want to say. I have more stories from Fremington woods including other abandoned things like an old well, caravan and tiny doorway. I think using more or all of the stories to create this childlike vision of my place would be best. I can focus on multiple parts of the woods rather than a small section. It could map out my thoughts as a kid while walking through the woods.

After writing down these stories I thought about looking online for some news articles or something to see if there were any actual stories emanating from the woods. As predicted I found virtually nothing. Coming from an old village most of the information isn’t online and in books in Fremingon which I can’t get to unfortunately. I did however find these photographs taken 8 years ago of some of the abandoned things left in the woods. It is interesting to see all the machinery thats left here and how it then becomes part of the landscape. What is also interesting is how I make up these stories around these items, imagining my own history of the place. As a child I find a more interesting history than what I’m guessing actually happened. Im curious to see what my stories will look like together. It will be a unique map of my imagination which compared to someone else could be completely different. Tomorrow I have a day in uni and I think a chance for a one to one critique. In the morning I will start thumb nailing ideas of how I can best show my ideas and see where I am after the critique.

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