Psychogeography – Group Critique

Today we had a group critique on our ideas so far. The feedback that I had was really helpful. Firstly they liked the idea about using my memories to encapsulate the place. I suggested looking into genius loci, meaning spirit of a place, as Fremington is so old and bound to have stories. They liked that idea and thought about telling the essence of the woods through someone from the past or a made up person. Just like reimagining history. I know its difficult anyway to research Fremington history as everything is in books and in Fremington. As I’m unable to get there for this project, reimagining history could be a good way to go. I remember as a kid I would make up stories of why certain things had been left in the woods. For instance an old car which I though could have been ditched there in a Bonnie and Clyde sort of get away. If I chose this avenue I could use my made up history as a child to create a kind of story book of the woods. My peers suggested watching a kids movie called the Bridge to Terabithia, its about two kids imagining a world inside a wooden. This idea could fit closely to mine. Creating a child-like imagined woodland with stories interwoven. Overall the critique was really helpful and allowed me to narrow down my idea. Im going to explore those memories and stories from my childhood next and see what I have to work with.

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