Psychogeography – Our Square of Roath

In this two day group project we were given a square of Cardiff to explore and to create an essence of the place visually. Using psychogeographic principals, mainly walking, to gain a personal perspective of the space and then present to the class. Our group was given our square which mainly incorporated Roath which was only a 2 minute walk away from my home. Initially looking around the side streets off the main road it was a lot of terraced housing. Some kept better than others. The streets had plenty of rubbish laying out and damaged abandoned buildings too. It wasn’t the most pleasing place to look at or though we thought. Walking through the streets we did notice all the graffiti, like little gems hidden in this otherwise sad looking estate. They were often bright and were trying to add something to the neighbourhood, either politically or just as an expression of themselves. We as a group all wanted to document the graffiti throughout Roath because to us it was something interesting to find.

When it came to creating our outcome, graffiti was at the fore front of our minds and this is what we really wanted to showcase. It was a big part of Roath, having art hidden about everywhere we looked. So for the outcome we decided to make a simple black line drawing of the estate and college on all the graffiti we saw. Trying to give the same feeling we had about the place. One of interesting pieces of art dotted around a very standard housing estate.

In our crit we were told we had the most positive outlook compared to the rest of the class, funnily enough. Our peers said it was an interesting avenue to go down and looking in to different types of graffiti from around the world could be an interesting theme. Other groups had some intriguing takes on what they documented for instance one documented emotion which really links in to our brief. This could be a thought provoking aspect to look deeper into too as for everyone a certain place could be completely unique. Im gathering more and more ideas as we go along and am defiantly feeling much more confident for our overarching brief.

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