Psychogeography – Merthyr Trip

On Tuesday we were taken on a field trip to the valleys. I was quite excited as I’ve never been before. The itinerary for the day started with heading to Bedlinog and stopping of at Gelligaer Commons for a walk. The views were beautiful from the extraordinary hight and we could see all the way to Cardiff. We were also taught some of the history of that place, for instance the remains left on the hills were Roman and Medieval burial grounds. The site held a lot of relevance to Welsh history. Next we visited Cyfarthfa Castle which was probably my favourite part as I love museums in general. Looking at all the beautiful antique was fascinating and brought up questions about how each piece might reflect on the place it originated from. I was trying to enjoy the works while thinking back to the project at hand. We then had a brief stop at Cyfarthfa Iron Works which had a breathtaking view of the valleys from such a hight. Lastly we went to the Rhondda Heritage Park and had an in depth history lesson on the coal mines. It was interesting to think how much Whales and other countries depended on this one industry. Our instructor was very proud to be a coal minor and spoke of it fondly. It was integral piece of his life and so many others who lived in the Valleys at that time.

I took plenty of photos on the trip, mostly of different patterns I enjoyed. I found it interesting to go back and look at the picture I had taken to realise they were mostly patters, I must have been really drawn to them. As much as I enjoyed the pretty landscapes, it felt almost like Devon and not new to me so maybe that why I chose to look in to patterns and colour rather than the landscapes. One thing I did find interesting about the landscapes thought was the layering of different colours, the image I took below really captures that. I liked the idea of creating a personal landscape of patterns from that place or from memories. I tried one from some scraps of paper I had at home, I enjoy the concept and I think it could be a good way to express feeling about a place without be too explicit.

Overall I had so much fun on the trip and did gain a lot of inspiration ready for this coming project. I think I will continue to look in to patterns as the project goes on and experiment more with collaging hopefully to create a very personal outcome.

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