Home Truths – Stitch Workshop

In this sewing workshop we did some free machine embroidery. Ive done this plenty in the past and its a really fun technique to use. It gives you total control over the stitch direction, the rhythm between the needle speed and you can achieve smooth curves, circles and squiggles which otherwise would be a nightmare to do with the feed dogs up. Having complete control gives you freedom to stitch wherever you like and create beautiful stitched illustrations. It does take some practice but even the messy lines can work with certain designs. In this workshop I played around with layered fabric to create hidden design. Having the piece be a mystery was something I was playing with. By layering different fabric the design can get busy and allows me to hide illustrations within. I only had time to do this one image I think its interesting to look at as the viewer might need a second to figure out what it is. I want to have hidden messages within my outcome to show how my home helps to keep me hidden/safe. 

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