Home Truths – Pattern Research

I decided to do some of my own research into pattern. I don’t usually just look at pattern by its self so I decided to look at some books in the library and get an overview of some different styles. Above are pieces all from different artists, they all peeked my interest in some way. One I thought was really pretty is the black circular piece by David Howard. There is so much depth to it, it looks almost 3d giving a sense of light and dark. The folds in the drawing revel hidden parts to this illustration. I enjoy how busy yet contained it looks, my story is much like this. Having it contained in a circle is something I’ve been thinking about doing in my own outcome. This is a very abstract illustration and leaves the audience curious. Im looking to tell my story but also leave some to the imagination. Much like how I am, nobody really knows what I’m up to most the time as I’m hidden in my room. 

Another piece I liked was the mountain range looking illustration by Alexander Purdy. Purdy is also showing a lot of depth in his piece but in a different way. By layering the shapes it pushes parts back and looks as if it could be a wide mountain range. The use of colour and overlapping geometric patterns is a lot to look at and allows the audience to stop and try to figure out what is going on. Its a simple story but its visually quite complex. This technique is build-able and I could use something similar in my own work to convey how busy my room is. Although from the outside I may seem quite my room is a hive and I’m always working on something. I want to have this sense of collected chaos which encapsulates my home much like Purdy’s illustration. 

Lastly I found Beci Orpin’s abstract pattern quite endearing. The muted colours paired with the soft illustration makes the piece feel calm. Although the use of different pattern and sporadic placement feels busy. I feel as if the design was thought out to tell a story but I’m not sure what. Perhaps nature with the green scallops as hedging. The illustration tells a story for the viewer to interpret which I quite enjoy. The abstract notion is as if to say I don’t care what you think about it, this is still my story. Something I try to live by myself. I’d quite like to have this ora of mystery to my own outcome as it suits my own story very well.

Having analysed a few different pieces now I feel like i’m getting a better grip of pattern and how to express my own story in different ways. I have learned some interesting technique from the artists above that I can now experiment further with in my own work. This knowledge is useful to me as a practitioner because it gives me a wider range of technique to use for visualising a story. As a next step, I need to start experimenting with my visual metaphors and play around with these new techniques I’ve gained. 

Sources Used:

  • M. Perkins, Print & Pattern : Geometric, 2015, Laurence King Publishing: London
  • J. Champkin, 2014, Patter and Print, Ceramics Review, Issue 269, p32-35
  • T. Guild; E. Thompson; J. Merrell, Pattern, 2006, Quadrille Publishing Ltd: London

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