Home Truths – My Story

After having my first two workshops I really needed to nail down my final idea or story.  I did some brainstorming and tried to show how I feel about my home on paper. The concept I kept coming back to was how my home was my safe space, a place I could relax and feel protected. I want to convey this feeling in my outcome and show others how important my home is to me. I then came up with some visual metaphors for how I see my home. One I think is interesting and could be taken further is the key, signifying the safe feeling I have when I’m home. Another is the barbed wire to show how I feel protected. This could be seen in a different way by the audience though, they might perceive it as being negative. I just need to think about how I can show my feelings through my outcome. Lastly I liked the eye with or without the figure inside. It reflects my feeling of being protected from outsiders and from gazing eyes . As a next step, I need to do some more research into existing pattern design and experiment with the ideas I already have.

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