Home truths – Photoshop Pattern Workshop

In this work shop we were taught how to make a repeat pattern which I didn’t have a clue about before so I found the workshop really helpful. Above is the images we were given in the class to use. We made a couple different types of patterns and in different ways. This new technique I’ve learned is going to be so helpful in my graphics work and make my life so much easier if I ever want to repeat something. For this brief its a good technique to know. I’m still unsure on weather I want my final outcome to be print or maybe on ceramics. It all depends on my finalised idea and how comfortable I feel working in a specific medium. 

So to practise this technique I experimented with my design to make new patterns. I couldn’t get the patterns I wanted and as you can see from the trials some didn’t really work. They either look messy or unprofessional. I do however like the first trial I did, I think I could defiantly take this forward to experiment more with. The mish mash of eyes look eary and conveys that sense of hiding away from others. I think I need to practice this technique a little more and properly choose my story before going forward.

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