Home Truths

Today we started our new field project, the one I chose was Home Truths which was based around pattern design. Something I’ve always been fascinated in especially as a child when I used to experiment with a lot of fabrics when sewing. ‘This project explores the relationship between pattern and pictorial storytelling. In our research we will be looking at traditional visual cultures from across the globe as well as contemporary art and design. We will also look at how pattern based storytelling within and beyond domestic spaces has shaped personal and cultural identities throughout history.’ Our outcome could take the form of either a surface design to be used in the home or a surface design about the notion of home.

Right away I’m quite excited for the project, creating pattern is something I’ve always wanted to explore. This project also allows me to furthers other skills such as sewing, fabric printing and ceramics. I am always looking to learn new things. In this brief I can use these new skills to help with my graphic work. Having a better understanding of print, textiles and ceramics will help me to visualise my graphic work in the real world and will make me more aware of the final product rather than just a design on the screen.

In the first session we were asked what is home to us. I wrote down that it was a place of comfort and safety, somewhere I can fully be myself and relax. Its also where I spend all of my time, its my favourite place to be. My home means a lot to me. We were then asked to draw some patterns or textures from our home. A pattern from my family home and ones thats been there my whole life is the checkered white and red tiles in our kitchen. They have always been there, every time we ate at the table, every time we baked or cooked. It has always been a constant in my life and something I instantly remember from my home. Having a constant in my life is important I think, they are comforting to me when things in life might get hectic. We were then asked to draw 20 little doodles that visually represent my home. A lot of mine played around with the idea of safety and comfort. My favourite is of the bat. Its cuddled up in its wings which I think encapsulates my feeling when I’m at home. I’m in my safe space and it would be pretty hard to survive without my home just like the bat with its wings. Another concept I liked was being protected from the outside. The eye with the figure inside is interesting, when at home I sometimes look out the window and watch everyone walking to their destinations. I find it fascinating how others act and having a window in-between allows me to feel protected from the people outside. 

I took these designs and then experimented with them and others shapes trying to make interesting patterns. One I really like is the eye with key overlay. It visually looks interesting and tells my story. That my home is my protection and safe space. Another one that I think could be taken further is the hidden eyes on the first page. It shows that divide between myself and the outside and again that protective feeling. These designs are really rough at the moment but I feel with some research and further development I could tell the story I want. 

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