On Display – Initial Ideas

Initial Ideas

After doing some research I wanted to get all my initial ideas and sketches down. This way I could clear my head and see what I was working with. Some are more accurate to the subject than others. At this moment in  time I really like the more simplistic designs I feel they read more professional. I remember from our 100 ideas brief that the deigns that won most professional vote were more shaped and vector like rather than pictorial. Some of my designs are pictures but in a modern, clean way. I feel like having a cleaner design would help since I’m advertising an exhibit so I want everything to seem well constructed and polished. I put a purple dot next to the two I think I would take forward. I think they show the topic in a simplistic clean way, because of that they would be great in different contexts. They’re versatile so I could still play around with them. I have my critique next so will continue with their evolution once I have some feedback.

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