On Display – Critique

Today I had a mid project critique with my lecturer about how the project is coming along. I showed him my work, he enjoyed the concept and thought it was very interesting. Although the first thing he said was I need to be working a bit quicker. I realised I was behind and that I really need to pick up the pace. He then asked where the exhibitions would be held and I hadn’t even thought about that yet. He mentioned I should think about the 4 w’s; who, what, where and why. I can then get a better idea of what I should be creating and with what styling. I’ve now come to the conclusion that my audience will be people who have a passion for space, galaxy’s etc. It would be held at The National Space Centre, Leicester, in the evening as a special event. The attendees would pay for entry and would include notable speakers of the subject. It would be held as an educational event that can connect other like-minded people. From this the branding will be quite sophisticated, smart and clean for an adult audience. My lecturer liked this idea and thought it could result in a professional looking exhibition. His last critique was that I didn’t have a name for my exhibit yet. This is something I’m going to have to think on. I’ll need to rework some of my logo ideas to fit whatever title I may use.¬†Overall I found the critique quite helpful and it made me confident in moving my idea forward. Things I’m taking from this is that I really need to speed up my working and get some logos done. After this blog I will be thinking of a name and working on the basic visuals such as logo, typeface and colour ways.

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