Introduction to Branding

To start of our OnDisplay project we were given an introduction to branding. Branding being an identifier and not for ascetics. Due to an evolving world and rising commercial competition branding was needed to identify certain makers. Hallmarks are a good example, for crockery these were often on the base and allowed you to identify the producer. From this we were taught the ‘onion’ explanation which in essence means brands have layers. The core would be their core message as a company and the outer layer might be less important branding say like a season campaign. It’s important to note that brands always come back to and stick with their core values which gained their audience in the first place. Where is comes to branding having a unique selling point was what helped the brand to grow but in today society where there are millions of brands nobody is unique anymore. To better connect with their audience brands started using the emotional selling point instead. Creating branding that conjures up feelings is more likely to stick in your head than anything else. This is an important to note, from our dot evaluation in the 100Ideas brief the logos that won the emotional vote were all pictorial. I could use this research in my current brief to get the response I want. Another thing to note is that a lot brands appeal to the life the audience wants, this can be said for a lot of perfume ads which features glamorous women. Leading the audience to crave that life and intern buying a product they think will help them get that glamorous life.

After the lecture we were told to research a large company and analyse their branding. As a group we looked at Starbucks, a very well-known drinks corporation operating worldwide. The way they brand is very clever and perhaps unintentional. The logo is a huge part of who they are it’s so recognisable to almost everyone. Its simplistic and graphic, also is a pictorial logo. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why people feel so invested in Starbucks as it has this emotional connection. I think their biggest advertisement is their customers, Starbucks drinks are on social media all the time. People using the hashtag Starbucks to show their newest drink and unintentionally advertising to their followers. Along with that their stores are everywhere, I counted 6 within walking distance from me. Each store is an advertisement in itself and help to promote this narrative that Starbucks is always there for you. To branch out even more Starbucks has apps, merchandise and credit cards all just more advertising for the already huge business. Starbucks keeps its core the same and is a constant in so many people’s lives where things might be changing. Having this emotional attachment with their customers is why I think they continue to be so successful. To conclude I found this day relevant to my upcoming brief, OnDisplay. I hope to take the information I learned today and implement it into my work.

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