100 Ideas – Finale

Class Work

The last session, based around the 100 Ideas brief, was really insightful. Our whole class layed out their logo designs, over 5000 in total which is a huge amount. We were then told to conduct a ‘dot evaluation’ with all the designs. Everyone was given 3 orange stickers representing emotional connections to design and 3 green meaning the professional designs.  By the end of the evaluation their were 5 people with the most stickers, myself included which I was really proud off. I gained 3 orange stickers which means those people were emotionally connected or just liked my design. Out of all the winners their was a stand out divide, the winners who won professional were type based logos and emotional winners were all pictorial. I found this really interesting it shows that different designs can warrant different responses. In the future if I’m doing a logo for a more emotional company say a charity I may use a picture to gain the response I want.

After this task we moved onto the next which was to take forward the 5 winners and try to improve them. I think this way of working is called the ‘diamond method’ where you create lots of designs pick out the best and then take them forward and so on. This helps to get the best possible outcome, by using more people for the exercise you can really get others people’s perspectives and get completely different results. So for this exercise I used someone elses work. She said that it represented the characters of her name in her native language. I thought this was such a personal touch and still looks professional without looking corporate. While working on the logo for only a short time I wanted to keep the original characters and still keep this playful feeling she has going on. I played around with the placements and created something light and friendly which followed the original ethos. I think I still like the original more though she captures the inviting atmosphere while still looking professional. We all gathered around to look at the new interpretations of the logos. Looking at the ones evolving from my design I was really impressed and inspired. I wish I had taken pictures because some were of things that I might never of thought of and I love seeing different interpretations of what my ethos was. It was a really enlightening and an interesting experience which I hope to do again.

Overall it was a good brief which I think I learned a lot from. I learnt that I need to explore so much more before picking an idea. My winning logo was number 89, I would never usually do that many ideas beforehand. It shows that you need to stick at a project and really push yourself. It’s also taught me to improve my workflow. Doing this many logos defiantly stressed me out but by the end of it I have so many ideas that I can take forward. It properly sets the project up and I feel I can get the best outcome with this method. I will defiantly start working like this from now on.

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