100 Ideas – Research

Continuing with the 100 ideas brief I thought it would be helpful to do some research, it may also help with inspiration. I first wanted to look into some logos I find thought-provoking and that I think work well for the company. The first one is this logo for The Guild of Food Writers which ‘is the professional association of food writers and broadcasters in the United Kingdom’. Their logo stood out to me for the use of block colour, this is something in design that always stands out to me. Simple graphical pieces can be recognisable from a small size which is important as to be used in different context dependant of the company. The graphic is also clever and relevant to the association, the use of the pen tip and spoon to cut out the negative space helps combine the two things together. I want my logo to keep this level of professionalism yet still being playful just like TGOFW branding. Another logo I found that had this level of effortless with a clever theme is the Wellness Company logo. It appears to be a seed sprouting from the ground which connotes words such as natural and health. These being relevent to the company and what they would want to be perceived as. The rustic black circle also feels quite natural not being perfectly black. It helps their image and promotes their agenda which is so important in creating a strong brand. The last logo found is for a foot reconstruction surgery I found interesting. I always enjoy logos that play with negative space and make to most out of the space. Theirs has two feet which makes out each others shape. Its elegant and works well for their business its explicit in nature so is easy to recognise. I’m hoping to creates works like these that cleverly play with space, look simplistic but can still relay the message they are giving out.

From my critique my peers mentioned they liked my more symbolic logos, ones that were simple but could still convey my ethos. So from this I wanted to look further into some occult symbols, I’ve always been very interested in witching symbols, runes and the occult so a lot I’m familiar with. I find them fascinating as they can convey a deep meaning with just simple shapes. Having a circle could mean life and a strike though can mean death, the reasons can be implicit but still understandable for an audience. This is the goal for my logo, it needs to be striking and meaningful to help me standout. By using the dark and light to represent myself I’m going to experiment on how to visualise that. Hopefully creating some really insightful metaphors.

Example Occult Symbols

While researching these symbols I came across this interesting article by Richard Massaro published March 19, 2011. In the article he speaks about the underlying use of occult symbols in corporate logos. Huge corporations are always looking to increase their Mercedes - Triquetrabusiness and as we already know some put ethics to the side in order to make money. In Massaro’s words he says ‘they will even turn to esoteric symbols to unconsciously sway people, co-opting ancient magic symbols previously used for benevolent purposes’. One case study he showed was this of Mercedes and the Triquetra similarities. A triquetras natural shape has said to stimulate the Texaco - Pentragramhuman psyche. ‘Mercedes has taken this logo and induced a semantic shift in the symbolism of the logo, disconnecting it from our inner quest for self and linking it to a product’. Believe in this sort of stuff or not these symbols have been used for thousands of years and do carry deep meanings with them. The fact that a lot of corporate companies have references to these is still very interesting. Could they be using the existing knowledge on how sybols work to benefit their own business? Sounds plausible. I could even use certain symbols to gain the reaction I wanted from the audience. I know this is only conspiracies but I did find it thought-provoking and relent while doing my research.


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