100 Ideas – Critique

My first 48 ideasToday I had my group critique which I found to be really helpful. I told my peers about my thoughts on wanting to keep my logo pictorial based as I felt using initials came across too corporate for what I am about. I also stated that I wanted to have a sense of dark and light in my ideas to reflect the type of work I like to produce. Using only black and white helped to give this effect while also making my designs stand out which is important.

In the critique I received some helpful tips from my peers in moving forward. One of the first things said was that they could immediately tell this was my work just from the small sketches. They mentioned that they do reflect me in some way although I could incorporate the more innocent side more. This they said to reflect not only the work I like but also my personality which comes across opposite to my exterior. The juxtaposition in myself needs to also be reflected in my logos. Another thing my peers pointed out was to stay away from the more obvious imagery like the tombstones and continue with the more simplistic silhouettes to create something more sophisticated. My peers agreed with me that they prefer the more pictorial logos to initials. I think its important to follow this more experimental route as my name isn’t the only thing that defines me, having a sense of myself is better for promoting my work. Lastly my peers just told me to continue experimenting especially with these occult like ideas which come across more professional.

I’m really happy with the critiques I received and I now have a clearer idea of how I should move forward from here. I’m first going to get some more research done. I want to look into very simplistic logos with block colours and see whats already out there. After I’ll focus on these more occult designs playing with shapes and negative space to create something that encompasses both dark and light.

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