100 Ideas

First day back and it starts with two different briefs. This one I’m going to be talking about is a one week project on creating a logo to brand ourselves. We have to create at least 100 different logos that represent our practice and ethos while also communicating our prospects to future clients. I find this to be a really interesting project which puts the process of creating something over the outcome. Personally I think this could really help me as I know I’m guilty of sometimes using the first idea that comes into my head. Hopefully this project will push me to think more creatively. I imagine it might be a struggle to get 100 different logos but once completed I should have learned more on how to push for ideas. I’m hoping researching and looking through my sketchbooks will give me a helping hand though the process.

The things I stand for and my personal interests show through every piece that I do. From the looks of me I’m quite dark and macabre but that isn’t just what I’m about. I love working with juxtapositions in my work such as dark and light or innocent and devilish. Working with polar opposites is a challenge in some cases but can make some really stand out or shocking outcomes. Sometimes my work can be quirky and different which I want to show through my logo while also promoting myself as a designer.


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