Changing Faces – Updated Outcome

Example Page NumberI didn’t change much to my editorial piece, the first thing I wanted to do was changing the page numbers. I really wasn’t happy with how they came out last time, they felt childish and unprofessional. What I wanted to do was have the page numbers coordinate better with the pull out quotes. So for this I kept the same typeface and opacity. Placing them off the side of the page makes them seem hidden, it reflects how I made the quotes. I think I was trying too hard and did too much before, now they look simplistic which complements the layouts.

The other changes I made were very small things to the layout. For instance lining up everything  perfectly. Theses were subtle changes but make the whole end result look so much better. I feel like now I have a realised, completed outcome.

Now that I have finished this project I feel very proud of what I have created. Things I might have changed since printing would be the quotes within the text, I think some might find it hard to read which could be an issue. I originally found it hard to organise this amount of text, it was much more than I have ever had to play with before. This was an unexpected problem I had to deal with but now I feel much Pull Out Quotesmore confident working with large amounts of text. Another thing I am proud of is the images I made. I found it interesting going through all the old Women magazines and feel it defiantly furthered my thinking when it comes to past design. Comparing my editorial piece to ones from the 50’s you can see so much difference. For instance I like to use a lot of negative space in my design where the vintage one were very compact. I’m guessing to save paper as at that time rationing was till happening. Also bringing the once old photographs to a new life was so enjoyable and I feel they really represent the issue talked about in the article.


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