My Portfolio – Ideas and Critique

A portfolio is a representation of your work for employers to see. It needs to represent me and how I like to work. I love negative space and I think it’s so important to let your work have space to breath. Each page will start of white and then have coordinating colours to match each project. Something I consider a lot in my work is colour, each has their own meaning and connotations. I feel it’s really important to consider colour when designing so for my portfolio the colours will be thought out and coordinate perfectly with the project. I also feel I have a sometimes minimalistic approach to my design so my portfolio will reflect this.

In the critique I knew going in I still had lots of do. Previously in the John&Jane workshop I realised that I should be expressing how I like to work but still presenting my work in a way for employers. So for this critique I expected to have lots of things left to do. One of the first things my lecturer said was to include more. For instance using samples of sketches or mockups to fill blank space and add something more to look at. Another way would be to include more contextual pictures which give the design a new dimension. This will really help to bulk out my pages as at the moment it looks as if I have little work. The second critique I had was to play more, each page looks similar and plain. To do this I’m going to try to add my own flare with doodles and my own typeface. This will hopefully give a better sense of continuity without looking like a carbon copy.

Somethings I wanted to change about my portfolio so far are for instance changing the typeface. I have been through a couple and can’t seem to find one that represents me. At the moment I’m using Didot but I feel it’s too conservative for me. The thick stems mixed with the serifs gives it a classical feel which isn’t really me. I feel like a sans-serif font my fit better with me, this is something that needs to be done. Also I want to shrink the titles so they’re less stand out, instead I want my work to be the centre piece. Another thing to help with hierachy may be to discard the colour blocks I have behind the images. This might bring my work forward more, I plan to play with this and other things to get my work to a standard I’m happier with.

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