OpenClose – Final Critique

I had my final critique for this project not long ago so I need to break down my criticism and find out whats next. I wasn’t feeling very happy after my critique as I didn’t get the feedback I was expecting. It was my fault though, I wanted to take it in a different direction and take a risk but it didn’t work out. This just means I have more work to do to catch up.

My main critique was that my pages felt quite two-dimensional and needs some hierarchy. I was planning on doing most of this on the pull-out pieces but I think I’ll change the plan and have the base pages more interesting to look at. This will need a lot more time for formatting. My teacher suggested that I looked at using weight and other devices such as strikethroughs to give more of a narrative. An interesting point he mentioned was to pick out quotations and highlight these to draw attention to them first. By doing this it will give more depth to the books appearance and can set my own narrative. Something I need to do is really pick up the important parts of each chapter and visually express these in an experimental way. I have a lot to do so we’ll keep up to date on how the book is coming out.

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